November 14th Dr. Clint Fuhs from the Center for Creative Leadership and Karrikins Group is visiting Trondheim. Dr. Fuhs is an Organization and Leadership Development Consultant and co-founder of Core Integral, with a leading-edge expertise in human development and organizational learning. His approach centers on the development of mindset and skills, in an effort to optimize individual growth and learning, and improve team and organizational functioning. He contributed to the design of the Trondheim City leadership accelerator program CTL ran in 2017 – see article here.

We need your help!
As you can see, Dr. Fuhs has valuable experience that we would like businesses and organisations in Trondheim to benefit from. For this to happen, we need your help. We want to co-create or co-host the event, and we
are therefore inviting a range of organisations, networks and businesses to develop and host this event together with us!

Do you want to get involved?
Our idea for the seminar is an open conversation about individual growth and how you can elevate your impact in organisations and the society. At this point we need a venue, and sponsor funds to cover some expenses. If you in any way want to get involved with making the seminar happen, please reach out to John Richard Hanssen at or via our Facebook-event here.

Do you want to attend the seminar?
If you want to attend the seminar on the morning of November 14th, sign up below! Please note that venue and cost are to be determined.