We develop leaders and leadership systems

The purpose of CTL is to enable organizations to develop leadership capacities required to excel in today’s turbulent conditions. The principles we operate by include:

– Fostering a dialogical relationship to our clients
– Taking the advantage of real issues that emerge (case in point)
– Applying awareness based technologies to facilitate the development of consciousness
– The use of different forms of embodiment practices to help integrate and anchor ones learning

CTL consist of partners with background from university, research and experienced consultants.

Who we are

Jonathan Reams, Ph.D.

Principal Consultant

Jonathan’s specialism is practicing the cultivation of leadership through the use of awareness based technologies. He engages this passion through consulting, coaching and leadership development programme design and delivery.

John Richard Hanssen

Managing Partner

John Richard is one of the co-founders of Center for Transformative Leadership (CTL). Besides being a partner at CTL he is doing management consulting work through Abilator, supporting business transformation through an integral perspective to organizational development.

Juliane Reams


Juliane conducts research focused on building the foundations for more robust learning in the fields of leadership and cognitive development. She is also applying this knowledge to debriefing and coaching developmental assessments.