Develop your leadership practice

Excelling as a leader in todays complex and changing world requires ongoing practice with deep learning, personal growth and development of new competences.

We in CTL will assist you in developing your own uniqe practice tailored your current and next leadership challenge.

Leadership as a practice

The context for leadership in Europe today includes dealing with global forces such as diversity, interdependence and continuous change. To take advantage of these forces, leaders must build adaptive capacity. This requires ongoing practice with deep learning, personal growth and developing new competencies.

CTL helps cultivate this by using innovative and integrative leadership development practices that generate real impact for you, your team, your organization and community.

Leadership capacity is developed by reflecting on first hand experiences
We offer customized hands-on and personal support for leaders to deepen their practice. This can be through individualized coaching, team development or companywide programs. The results are increased leadership effectiveness, greater complexity of awareness and the cultivation of collective adaptive capacity.

Leadership development addressing complexity

We believe developing your lenses to identify and handle complex issues is a key element to create great results. When working with us you will be challenged on how you make meaning of the world around you. Your leadership skills and thinking will be assessed and you will grow as both a person and leader. To make that happen we will work with both you and the systems you take part in.

Fostering dialogue

Dialog between participants, participants and their organisations and coaches/mentors is used to seek and explore perspectives to enhance growth.

Using real issues

Effective leadership development happens within a context. We always include and use real leadership issues to ancher learning and development

Applying awareness

The quality of your leadership correlate with your own self-awareness. Our developmental approach will enhance your understaning of your inner system.


Cooperation between CTL and Trondheim Municipality attracts attention internationally:

Trondheim Municipality has started a development program for its leaders which is unrivalled internationally, and CTL have contributed with an experimental accelerator program building internal capacity.

Read more in this article.



The support has given a more concious and focused organization. The leaders have become more attentive on their own leadership and how colleagues perceive them.
Vegard Wollan

Previous CEO, Atmel

CTLs program has given individual personal development and increased conciousness as leaders. It has created a common platform for our executives which enables our mutual growth.
Leif Arild Grytbakk

CEO, Sticos