Seminar with Clint Fuhs and Jonathan Reams

In our new seminar with Clint Fuhs and Jonathan Reams, we will look at how we can accelerate leadership and our ability to create development in organizations and in society as a whole.

Today’s organizations are facing high levels of complexity with increasing demands on the individuals’ capacity to navigate complex and ever changing environments. How do we deal with this complexity, increase our ability to “see the bigger picture,” communicate it, take responsibility and action in a way that ensures efficiency and effective performance in organizations? How do we accelerate adaptive learning and vertical development?

Clint Fuhs and Jonathan Reams will explore these questions with the group through the lenses of their experience applying developmental and integral approaches to leadership development.

The seminar is organized as a collaboration between PwC, Lærende organisasjoner i Norge (LOS) and Center for Transformative Leadership (CTL), and is free.

Clint Fuhs:
PhD, Center for Creative Leadership, Lectica, Karrikins Group.

Jonathan Reams:
PhD, NTNU, Center for Transformative Leadership, European Center for Leadership Practice.

November 14th 2018




PwC Trondheim Brattørgata 13B 7492 Trondheim