Welcome to the Center for Transformative Leadership. Our online home is designed to help you find resources to support your own, your teams’ and your organization’s leadership development, skills training and research needs.

Most of CTL’s principles are located in Trondheim, Norway. Our history began in 2011 as a cooperative of consultants and coaches working in the early field of transformative leadership development. As our initiative evolved, it was reconfigured into its current form and structure. In lines with our growing expertise and emerging market needs, we have begun to expand the range of our offerings. 

Today we offer;

  • intensive executive leadership development programs, based on years of research and experience,
  • leadership skill training programs, combining self-paced online learning with cohort based (face to face or online) practice groups, suitable for any level of work,
  • innovative organizational research through Core Insight, a process for making sense of complex situations and taking action on issues. 

We invite you to dig around and see if our services meet your needs. We are working to post new resources, articles, blogs, videos showcasing cases that can inspire you to see new possibilities for your own situation. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Sincerely yours,
CTL Team

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