The MindShift conference this year ( focuses on “Growth that Matters.” This involves not only society in general, but is targeting businesses where leaders are taking on the challenge of being more intentional about bringing an adult developmental lens to how they grow their people.

The Center for Transformative Leadership (CTL) is gathering stories and reflections from such leaders about their experience of trying to foster growth that matters, to learn more about the landscape around this work in organizations. The data collection is online here. We will be sharing the results of this in a workshop at the November 20th event, and in subsequent gatherings.

To find leaders willing to share experiences and reflections, we are relying on you and your networks to use trusted client relationships to get participation. To be clear, we are NOT inviting consultants and coaches to participate in this data collection. We want to hear the voices of leaders working inside organizations. They might be working in any level of line leadership, project leadership, in HR or people development functions.

Any questions, email