Background of CTL

We are pleased to announce the 10th business anniversary of CTL coming up on the 25th of November. Ten years ago, in 2011, the journeys of a trio of people converged to found CTL. These journeys included:

  • Leaving a traditional consulting job to engage in more purpose driven work.
  • Wanting to bring transformational work into a corporate setting.
  • Finding a home for an accumulation of theory and practice in this field.

This initial constellation launched CTL as a cooperative network of like minded practitioners. Over the next five years, this network evolved and eventually made a transition from a cooperative to the AS form of business of today. 

At the heart of CTL’s work has been taking emerging research at the intersection of developmental sciences and leadership practice and bringing this to client partners interested in joining us in this journey.

CTL began as a platform to bring together early adopters of emerging theory and practice in the field of leadership development in the Scandinavian context. As part of a global ecosystem of researchers and practitioners, we have engaged willing partners as clients in applying our learning in the field of practice. We have fed this back into the global ecosystem through publications of action research.

Anniversary Event Description

On the occasion of our anniversary, we will take a look back on this journey. There will naturally be some reminiscing involved, but more interesting will be interactive exchanges of key learnings of the journeys among all present that we will facilitate throughout the program.

Our list of willing partners and co-learners in this journey have included Aker Solutions, Atmel (now MicroChip), Kongsberg Maritime, Sticos, The City of Trondheim, Self-Leaders, Crisp and Zedge among others. We are grateful to these partners in allowing us to support their journeys of developing leadership as a practice. We will bring in their perspectives through having some partners and clients also share key learnings from their journeys.

However, this day is not just about the past. For the second half, we make the shift to a future oriented focus. The journey of CTL is ongoing and we are excited to share with you the next evolution of our journey. 

Our accumulation of learning has led to needing to provide a new container for some of our work. While we are not abandoning key services we offer clients, we are at a point where we can now offer something truly new.

What is this new thing? We will reveal our new offering in the afternoon, showing how we are combining several elements of emerging theory and practice to support the natural learning of robust leadership skills. In addition, we are hosting this in a format that enables scalability, addressing a key limitation of much of traditional leadership development work. We look forward to sharing this day with those of you who can join us!

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November 25th 2021


09.00 – 15.30


Rockheim, Brattørakaia, Trondheim