For the last decade, the heart of CTL’s work has been applying emerging research from the intersection of developmental sciences and leadership. CTL is part of a global ecosystem of researchers and practitioners, enabling us to be a Nordic competence and knowledge center for leadership development, research and skill building. In this time, CTL has worked with clients as willing partners in applying our learning in the field of practice.

Our experience has given us useful insights on existing practices. Over the past decades, there have been many great ideas, theories and models on developing leaders and leadership in organizations. A pattern in this has been seeing descriptions of ideal states – what a great leader does, how he or she is as a person. While useful as aspirational models, a common limitation is that the how to get there often leaves out many of the steps on the journey.

These insights have driven our research and practice to focus on closing this gap between what is known about leadership and how to actually develop this often subtle yet essential set of skills. This process has also led to the realization that we need a new container to nurture what we find emerging in this space. We are excited to now be able to share initial steps we have taken in this space with the announcement of our new company, Adeptify.

The Practice of Leadership: Habituating Learning Skills 

In our new offering we are combining several elements of emerging theory and practice to support the natural learning of robust leadership skills. In addition, we are addressing a key limitation of much of traditional leadership development work by hosting this in a format that enables scalability, making leadership development available for everyone. 

What is Adeptify Skill Habituation?

You can acquire a lot of knowledge about a wide range of things, but until you know how to use the knowledge in practice – it is just knowledge about things.  

By providing clear, structured learning paths, our new leadership development offerings provide a unique process for you to grow in a way that works for you. 

We support your experience by combining high levels of granularity on steps in your learning process with attention to micro aspects of your contexts. Individual thoughts, perspectives, behaviours and attitudes etc., are put under this lens as part of bringing your current understanding into conscious awareness. This then enables explicit steps into new levels of performance that are embedded in your everyday situations. From this, small shifts in thinking allow for big changes in performance.

How can we support skill habituation work in your organization?

We are currently developing a series of programs most closely related to leadership development. However, the approach of skill habituation can be applied in most areas of learning, and we are open to discuss various possibilities with you moving forward.   

To learn more about our Adeptify offerings, you can register for our demo version by clicking here.


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